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Is it a good idea to visit a breeder in person?

This has been a hot topic for breeders for many years. Since the onset of Covid, breeders are Finally being heard and respected regarding the spread of viruses.

ASPCA, many years ago, stated that responsible breeders allow you in the home to visit puppies. This was a fantastic mix of danger for the unvaccinated puppies, nursing dams, and the family who lived in the house. The opposite is true; responsible breeders understand that many deadly viruses and bacteria can be transmitted into the breeder’s home/kennel on the visitors’ clothing, shoes, and hands. Understanding viruses is part of our education as breeders and keeping our dogs/puppies safe for the first ten weeks of life till they have at least two vaccines to protect them from some of the deadliest.

Another risk that has cost human lives is allowing strangers into our homes. Breeders over decades have been murdered, injured, and had puppies stolen by allowing “puppy visitors” into their homes and personal lives. Below I will attach newspaper articles about all the incidents we have found.

Would you allow strangers in your home? Why are breeders expected to put their lives and their families’ lives in harm’s way?

Today we are so lucky we have Facetime, Zoom, and many ways to video chat. We allow families into our lives weekly in our Facebook lives. We also do private FaceTime and video chats. It allows a safe way for our family and yours to see how and where your family member is being raised.

So next time you see or hear someone saying a breeder is unethical for not allowing danger into their homes or lives, think about all the lives below.


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