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Pricing Policy

As puppy owners, we understand that discussing pricing can be difficult. We welcome any questions you may have after reading this information about why we price our dogs the way we do.

The majority of our puppies are priced between $2800 - $4300 USD. However, pricing can vary depending on the litter and the individual puppy. We determine the price based on several factors, including the health testing and titles of the parents, the pedigree, and the puppy's conformation.

We have invested significant time and resources into our breeding program and dog genetics education. Our ultimate goal is to continually improve the health and quality of our breeding dogs with each generation. We believe that the foundation for this is a healthy dog, so we have all our dogs tested by specialists. O.F.A. Board certified veterinarians for genetic eye issues, patellas, and heart conditions. We also test their DNA using Embark for 200+ known genetic diseases, coat color, level of inbreeding, and their genetic lineage, which for many Chihuahuas can be traced back to Asiatic wolves from 15,000 years ago.

Using this information, we make informed breeding choices to produce healthier offspring. We use software designed specifically to assist with the mathematical formulas involved in breeding decisions. We have also invested in our education through seminars and courses in canine reproduction, genetics, animal management, AKC breeding basics, understanding inbreeding, coefficient of inbreeding boot camp, useful genetics, genetics of continuous traits, genetics for preservation breeders, and dog emotion and cognition.

Our goal is for you, as a puppy owner, to save money over the lifetime of your Chihuahua by having as few veterinary bills as possible. We achieve this by utilizing science, communicating with our owners, and working with geneticists and veterinarians to address health concerns.

Many of our adult dogs and keeper puppies participate in AKC and UKC dog shows and performance trials where they have earned titles. This requires extensive training, socialization, and travel, another investment we make in our breeding program. Even puppies that do not stay with us for breeding or showing receive basic training from an early age, including pee mat housebreaking, socialization with other Chihuahuas, and crate training. They start weaning and eating independently at around four weeks old, but we let them nurse until seven weeks if they want, and if the mother is willing. By the time our puppies leave us, they are already crate trained, use a litterbox or pee mat, have received two to three DAPP vaccinations, have been microchipped, fully dewormed, and have passed a vet check.


Your pup goes home with the following:

  • Lifetime health guarantee

  • Lifetime Breeder support via email, messenger, phone or our Facebook group

  • return for life no questions asked

  • 2-3 - DAPP puppy vaccines

  • De-wormed at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Weeks old

  • Revolution starting at 6 weeks old

  • Health Records recording all treatments up to 10 weeks old.

  • Puppy Swag Bag with Blanket Toys Custom Fit Harness Treat 

  • Checked by our Veterinarian (with a report in puppy pack)

  • Already Microchipped with AKC reunited, View our Microchip Policy

  • Already Registered with the AKC, we cover the cost

  • Trupanion Health Insurance Benefit with Instant coverage

  • Pedigree and access to parents Health testing records

  • Started on potty mat training and sometimes outdoor training (not in winter)

  • Eating solid food Spot & Tango Unkibble Beef (we send a few days’ worth of food home with the pup)


We feel this is a commitment to your dog's life and ours. 









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