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Microchip Policy

All our puppies are microchipped with AKC Reunite Microchips prior to leaving. Our vet verifies the Microchip number at their 8wk check. Puppies Microchip number will be provided in their health record and in the contract.  We register all our puppies microchips into our name as the primary contact.

· This allows us to pick up a puppy/dog if abandoned in a rescue or shelter. Rescues and shelters will not allow us to get the dog from them without our name being on the microchip.

· This allows us to contact the owners if they have lost their dog, and alert them where to pick up the pet.

· Sometimes pet owners move and change contact information and do not change this on their dog's microchip. We are not moving nor are we changing our contact information. This ensures that the dog will always have a safe place to return too. The owners can be comforted knowing that if they lose their pet, they can contact us.

· We are responsible for all dogs we breed for life, this aids us in making sure that our dogs never become part of the problem in the shelter population.

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