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Microchip Policy

At our breeding program, we take the safety and well-being of our puppies very seriously. That's why we ensure all our puppies are microchipped with AKC Reunite Microchips before leaving our care.

Our dedicated veterinarian verifies the microchip number during the puppies' 8-week check and provides this information in their health record and contract.


As responsible breeders, we register all our puppies' microchips under our name as the primary contact. This serves several important purposes. First, it allows us to locate and retrieve any of our puppies that may end up abandoned in a rescue or shelter. Many shelters and rescues require the primary contact to be the microchip registrant before releasing a dog to its rightful owner.

Second, if any puppy owners ever lose their beloved pets, we can quickly and easily alert them to their pet's whereabouts and help reunite them with their furry family members.

We understand that some of our puppies may travel overseas with their owners. In such cases, we encourage our puppy owners to let us know, so we can add their names as secondary owners on the microchip. This added measure ensures that the puppy's owner can be contacted if their dog is lost or found, regardless of location.

Lastly, as responsible breeders, we are committed to being a lifelong resource and advocate for our puppies. By keeping our contact information registered as the primary contact, we can ensure that our puppies always have a safe place to return to if needed.

Our dedication to our puppies' safety and well-being extends beyond their time in our care. We believe that as breeders, we are responsible to our dogs for life. By registering all our puppies' microchips under our name, we can help ensure that our dogs never become part of the problem in the shelter population.

We take great pride in the quality of our breeding program, and microchipping our puppies is just one way we demonstrate our commitment to responsible breeding and lifelong care for our puppies.

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