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Stud Service


A & A's Chihuahuas Stud Service: Simple and Straightforward Process

Responsibilities of the Bitch Owner:

  1. Health Testing: Provide proof of health testing, including OFA and Embark results.

  2. Registration: Present proof of AKC registration for the bitch.

  3. Semen Shipping Kits: Purchase and provide semen shipping kits for each shipped breeding. Responsible for covering overnight shipping costs for each kit. 

  4. Breeding Options: Both fresh side-by-side and chilled semen services are available.

  5. Side-by-Side Breeding: If opting for side-by-side breeding at our facility:

    • Boarding Fee: Pay $15/day for boarding.

    • Transportation: Manage and pay for transport to and from our facility.

    • Health Records: Provide the bitch's vaccine record.

    • Food Supply: Bring sufficient food for the bitch's stay.

  6. Contract: Sign our hassle-free Stud Contract to ensure a clear and uncomplicated agreement.

Responsibilities of the Stud Owner:

  1. Accommodation: For side-by-side breeding, the bitch will be housed separately.

  2. Breeding Schedule: Conduct two breedings 48 hours apart.

  3. Health Testing Proof: Provide a copy of the stud's health testing results.

  4. Shipping Assistance: Manage the process of bringing kits to UPS for shipping.

  5. Additional Testing: Brucellosis testing is available upon request.

Ensuring a Hassle-Free Experience: Our goal is to make the stud service process as seamless and stress-free as possible. This is reflected in our straightforward contract and precise, simple requirements. We believe in maintaining transparency and efficiency in all our breeding arrangements to ensure the best outcomes for all parties involved.

Available studs will have prices on their pages. 



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