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Our Males

Below are the males that are currently active or up and coming in our breeding program. Some of these males will not live with us but are owned by us. If you are interested in studding to any of our males please send us an email, we will let you know if you know if that male is available at this time. 

Click each dog's photos to learn more about them



CH Major Pted. A & A's The Dapper Don "Royce"

A &A's Sirius-ly The Devil Made Me Do It

            "Dante" Champion Pointed

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A & A's Baskin' In The LimeLight "Joey"


CH Pted. A & A's You Found Me "Robin"


CH Major Pted. A&A's BTW Bird is The Word "CJ"

GCH Pted. CH A&A's Cruzin' Memory Lane "Tommy"

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