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Our Process

To purchase a Puppy or Adult Chihuahua

                                                Our Process


If you want to purchase a pup from us, 

please complete the following application so we know who you are and what you are looking for.

  1. Choose the VIP Select Membership with all the benefits or the Essential Companion MembershipPlan payment links here

  2. Keep in touch via our Facebook group,  VIP Group Text, Texting, or Messenger. 

  3. Please review our Microchip Policy 

  4. Please check our How To Get Your Puppy Home page

  5.  Depending on your membership, you will be the first to know which puppies are available before Essential members. 

  6.  After you decide which puppy best fits your family, we will send you a contract to sign and return, along with the nonrefundable deposit of 40%. VIP members can subtract $400 from that total.

  7. On-premises visits are not allowed (very dangerous for our dogs and our family). VIP members will get 15 minutes a week of Video Chat time with their puppy and one or both of us.  Essential members will have weekly live on Facebook and Messenger. 

  8. VIP Select Members will also be sent a Password for a private Page for updates and a Forum with other VIP members. 

  9. At eight weeks, your puppy will be checked at Waterville Veterinary Clinic. You will get a copy of this report and an email/messenger text on how the visit went. 

  10. If your puppy was found healthy and fit, leave by our veterinarian at the 8-week check. You can arrange to pick it up locally or contact J & S Pet Transport for Air Pet Nanny or Ground Transport Services. 

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