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How Much is that Puppy?

A & A Chihuahuas

It seems that some dog breeders prefer to avoid this question! And if you ask this before any other questions, they will delete you or not answer. Why? They feel that is all you care about.

I have another perspective. No, wait…before getting on my case, listen to my counter-opinion.

My time as a breeder is busy with sleepless nights and 24/7 work, especially when I have puppies. I want good homes that can care for and afford a puppy emotionally, physically, and financially. Since my time and money are precious to me, please ask the price first if that is a concern for your family. That could save us time and money if you are still getting ready financially. Then we can get into all the other worries we both have about the long-term care of one of our puppies.

Since we think the “ money question” is essential, we decided to post it with our puppies on our website. That way, you can go to our available puppy page and see how much a puppy is before taking up our time with all the other details. So next time you ask a breeder the price, maybe say instead, “I don’t want to waste your time if we haven’t set aside enough savings.”


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