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CH  A & A's The Dapper Don

OFA Health Testing Link
Advanced Cardo Echo Passed
Heart - Cl
ear/ CH-BCA709/13M/P-VPI
Eyes- Clear/ CH-EYE1381/14M-VPI
Patella - Normal/CH-PA3212/13M/P-VPI
Dm- Clear
CHIC # 174972
Available for Stud $2000.00. For more information, click here
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Royce Offspring

Royce is a remarkable boy in our breeding program, embodying confidence and an outgoing personality that sets him apart. His coat is truly stunning, showcasing a fantastic texture with minimal undercoat, a testament to genetic quality. With two majors under his belt, Royce is on the cusp of achieving his AKC championship, demonstrating his adherence to breed excellence. Weighing in at an ideal 4lbs, his breeding has consistently produced puppies ranging between 4-6lbs, depending on the pairing. Royce's offspring inherit his confident demeanor and striking physical attributes, making them ideal for both show rings and loving homes.

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