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GCH CH A & A's Cruzin' Memory Lane


3/31/2021: Tommy goes WD/BOW for his First Point in GA!

4/1/2021: Tommy Goes WD for a Point in GA
4/2/2021: Tommy goes WD/BOW for a Point in GA
4/3/2021:: Tommy goes WD/BOW/BOS Over  Specials for 2pts GA

4/4/2021: Tommy Goes RWD in GA

4/10/2021: Tommy  Goes WD/BOW for 2pts in Berryville, VA

4/29/21 Tommy Goes WD/BOW for 2pts

5/22/21 Tommy Goes WD for a 4pt Major win MD

5/23/21 Tommy goes WD/BOW for a 5pt Major win in MD Finishing his CH title!

OFA Health Testing Link
Heart - Clear CH-BCA34/13M/P-VPI
Advanced Cardiac - Clear/CH-ACA170/30M-VPI

Eyes- Clear/CH-EYE1105/30M-VPI
Patella - Normal CH-PA2510/13M/P-VPI
Dm- Clear CH-DM68/7M-PI
Macrothrombocytopenia-Clear CH-MAC61/7M-PI
CHIC # 164332

Embark DNA Health Testing results
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