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CH A & A's Set It To Wumbo


Black and Tan Smooth Coat

Patrick completed his Championship from the 6-9 puppy class undefeated, getting Major wins. He finished in 4 days of shows at 7 months. He is currently working on his GCH. 

OFA Health Testing Link
Advanced Cardiac - Pending
Eyes- Pending
Patella - Pending
CHIC # Pending

Embark DNA Health Testing results
PENDING Parents Clear
Stringer Digital_PE_02189-ZF-1903-02808-1-001-005.jpg
Stringer Digital_PE_02026-ZF-1903-02808-1-001-002.jpg
Stringer Digital_PE_02412-ZF-1903-02808-1-001-004.jpg
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