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A & A's You Found Me

OFA Health Testing Link
Heart - Clear/ CH-BCA521/13M/P-VPI
Eyes- Clear/ CH-EYE1075/12M-VPI
Patella - Normal/CH-PA3042/13M/P-VPI
Dm- Clear
CHIC # 168014
Available for Stud $1500.
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Robin's Offspring

Robin is a distinguished blue fawn brindle, notable for his d3 dilute genetic trait, setting him apart in our breeding program. Weighing 5 lbs, his presence is marked by a soft expression and a quiet, observant nature, reflecting his intelligence and thoughtful demeanor. Although he's pointed, Robin prefers life outside the show ring, and we respect his inclinations by not pressing him into shows. His true legacy lies in his offspring: not only has he sired Champions and a Grand Champion, but he consistently passes on a solid structure, surpassing his qualities. His progeny excel not just in the show ring but also in various fields like service work and performance, showcasing the versatility and adaptability inherited from their sire. Robin's unique genetic makeup and temperament make his puppies ideal for various roles, from show dogs to dedicated service animals.

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